Welcome to the TrX-Digital Arts site.

TrX-digital arts is a young Web-design & multimedia company, situated in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

The core-activities are the creation of websites and site-material like (edited) photo's and 3d-pictures.

Furthermore, TrX-Digital also makes presentations for companies and lecturers (both scientific and non-scientific) as well as movies like commercials and video-clips.

The combination of design skills, technical know-how, scientific certificates and thorough cooperation with other freelancers / small enterprises makes TrX-digital arts a powerfull collective with a broad range of approaches...

Our specialties are:
  • Web design, good looks
  • Web restyling, new looks!
  • Browser compatibility
  • Content streamlining
  • (Scientific) network publishing
  • Presentations
  • Presentation-materials